Restaurants and more

There are currently three restaurants in Grundarfjörður:

1. Harbour Café. (Address Nesvegur 5). Harbour Cafe is 100 meters away from Helgrindur. They sell breakfast between 8 and 10.

2. Kaffi 59. (Address Grundargata 59). They have all sorts, Hamburgers, Pizzas and more. Here is their Facebook site

3. Bjargarsteinn. (Adress: Sólvellir 15). A very nice restaurant, but you will probably have to make a reservation there. Tel is: +354 438 6770 Here their Facebook site
And here are some pics and more

4. Græna Kompaníið. (Address Hrannarstígur 5). A coffee house. Just 50 meter away from Helgrindur. Here is their Facbook site

5. Mæstro – Street food, open during summer. Simple but very good street food. Just 30 meters away from Helgrindur. Here is their Facebook site

Harbour Cafe
Kaffi 59